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Distributors First International, Inc.

Starting a promotional products business has never been easier

About Us
At Distributors First, we have a NO NONSENSE program to help you break into the highly insular promotional products business.

Unlike industry business opportunities, franchises or dealer/rep systems, you never buy anything through us, pay us royalties, or split your profits with us. This means 100% of all the profits are yours to keep!

Our turn-key program will give you everything you need to connect, educate, train and support your new promotional products business. We'll coach you every step of the way.

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Tools of the trade
What our Program Offers

The DFI program utilizes the exact same technology, marketing tools, and industry advantages that million dollar businesses use in our industry. This means we help you set up all aspects of your business, from securing crucial industry memberships, to setting up your website, software installation, while providing coaching and support for your marketing efforts.


You are considering starting a home-based business, a part-time business, a business that will grow into a new future for you and your family.

Consider selling promotional products. Starting a promotional products business is made much easier with the Distributors First program of connection and support. We will teach you everything you need to know to make money selling promotional products and advertising specialties. How much money can you make selling promotional products? Profits easily range for 30% to as much as 70% of your gross sales.

DFI will teach you…

  • How to start a promotional products distributorship…
  • How to make money selling promotional products…
  • How to run an independent distributorship…

You will quickly discover that the Promotional Products Industry will greet you with open arms.

Whether you are in the U.S. or Canada, making money with your own Advertising Specialty Business is easier than you think.

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Bottom Line?

Selling promotional products is fun and quite profitable. With just a few hours per week, you can change your future substantially. Businesses not only love to, but need to buy logo’ed advertising specialty products and promotional products.

Business-to-business clientele. Strong repeat orders. High profits. A professional, dignified business that makes great money. All these things are within your reach with Distributors First program for new start-ups in the promotional products industry.

Your choices? The average franchise in America today costs over $350,000 (incl. fees, inventory, location, build-outs, etc.). Most businesses are heavily encumbered with OVERHEAD expenses, INVENTORY expenses, EMPLOYEES and GOVERNMENT RED-TAPE.

The promotional products world? For less than 10 grand you can have a business that CASH FLOWS from DAY ONE. All the profits are yours to keep. NO OVERHEAD – work from home. NO INVENTORY. NO EMPLOYEES. NO GOV’T RED-TAPE.

All it takes is a small investment in yourself. Add excitement, enthusiasm and a willingness to tell your story…and a desire to help your clients to brand themselves better.

With DISTRIBUTORS FIRST on the sidelines of your business, we will help you step-by-step to realize your dreams of business ownership.

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Take control of your success
Ready to start your own home-based promotional products business?
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