PPAI Expo 2013Whether you are looking for a full-time, part-time, or 2nd income opportunity that you can operate from home, DFI’s program is second-to-none.

What began in 2002 has become the Industry’s most successful program for creating “INDEPENDENT” promotional products distributors. We were the first then…and still the best now.

What sets our program apart from our franchise and business opportunity competitors is just that… their programs are linked to either the franchise business model or the business opportunity model.

The Distributors First program for creating Independent Promotional Products Distributors is neither.  Instead, it is a “turn-key” program that gives you everything you need  to Connect you, Educate you, Train you & Support you (CETS) … without the encumbrances of franchise fees & royalties or hobby-based equipment, inventory & messy inks and chemicals. You never have to buy anything from us or through us … and you never pay us royalties or split your profits with us.

Instead, you are hiring us to be your consultants, to be your “team”; the coaches and mentors on the sidelines of your business … to help you build YOUR business.  In short…we help you win and achieve your goals.

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Backed by the best (and longest running) coaching team in the industry, the DFI Program…


  • Has no overhead or inventory leaving more money in your pocket
  • Can easily be worked part-time
  • Has great profit margins with repeat customers
  • Provides in-demand products used widely by businesses & organizations
  • Is a part of a $19 billion dollar per year industry
  • Is NOT “MLM” or Network Marketing
  • Is a real business
  • Is fully supported by a Coaching Team – the best in the Industry – to help you build a successful, INDEPENDENT company
  • You may have just found your family’s 2nd Income!

What does the DFI Program cost?

Much less than the traditional franchise and business opportunity programs presented in the industry.dfi-distributor-family-ppai-expo-2013-2

Our total program of connection, education, training and support is less than $5,000 ($4,995.00), with NO royalties or profit splits No one in our industry offers so much at such an unbeatable price.   No one that is except Distributors First!

100% of your profits belong to you!

Our Goal:  We want to help more people get their start in the promotional products field, and the DFI program for Independent Distributors does exactly that.

The Distributors First Direct Gateway for Independent Distributors utilizes the exact same tools that million dollar businesses use in our industry.

Here’s what DFI provides:partners

Tools of Your Trade:

  • Full Industry Membership with PPAI & UPIC
  • The Industry’s Most Powerful Research & Order Management Software with SAGE Online
  • Your Own Website & Email with Shopping Cart and Social Media Integration
  • Presentation Publisher Software
  • Virtual Prototyping Software for Customizing Product Samples
  • Custom Logo, Business Card & Website Graphic Design Package
  • NEW! Industry leading EQP wholesale pricing  on over 16,000 products from 40+ of the industry’s biggest & best suppliers.  With DFI, you can be competitive with the industry’s biggest distributors!

DFI Exclusive Education, Training & Support Material:

  • The best “Getting Started” DVD Training series in the Industry
  • Distributors First “Member-Only” Training Archive – Access 24/7
  • Sales & Prospecting Training with PPAI’s 10-time New & Novice Distributor Trainer
  • Artwork Training – Everything you need to know about Handling Client Artwork
  • Member-Only Website, Blog, Preferred Supplier List and more

DFI Coaching, Mentoring & Support:

  • Personalized, One-On-One Connection to YOUR Coaching Team
  • Business Coaching & Support with a working Distributor
  • Marketing / Prospecting Coaching & Support
  • Technical Support – work closely with our I.T. Consultant
  • Email & Phone Support



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  3. Then, pick up the phone and give me a call :  Vince Whaley 888-540-5402 x 701

Think Advertising Specialty Institute offers a better deal?   Not even close.  Get our report.  Give us a call.  Before you buy a promotional products business opportunity, promotional products franchise, pad printing business, screen printing business, embroidery business (or for that matter any other home based business opportunity!) get to know Distributors First.   Whether you’re looking to start part time or full time, DFI will LITERALLY save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in the first year and beyond.  NO one offers a better program!

If you want a supplemental 2nd income business of $1,000 – $2,000+ per month… we can show you how.  If you want to build this to a full time career…we can show you that, too! Whatever YOUR goals are for your business – those are OUR goals for your business!