Start Your Business Now – “UNBROKEN” video

I came across this video and it is very appropriate for you as my potential client.  I talk with so many who get close...but not across the finish line.  It is a bit disheartening to be sure.  Without the action to "pull the trigger" - nothing happens.  Your life doesn't change.  Your future remains captive to your past.  That's not a way to live. Enjoy the video: "....Don't give up.  Don't give in..." … [Read more...]


One of DFI’s newest clients in Canada, [Tim F.] in his first month of business just sent me an email, and I wanted to share this exerpt with you.  Tim has not even fully finished his start-up phase… Hey Vince….. I thought our biggest concern was going to be getting clients, but we haven't even learned any of [DFI’s] ABC’s of Prospecting and we already have a whole bunch of orders on the go (some from referrals and some just talking to people in passing). The leads & clients just … [Read more...]

You Need to Start Your Promotional Products Business NOW!

Report: Cost to raise today's child tops $245,000 How are you going to pay for this???? According to this article, a brand new baby in your life will cost $245,000 to raise to the age of 18….. You think $25 bucks an hour will get you there????  NOT HARDLY! Time to start your own promotional products business….. I can hear the clock ticking…..tick, tick, tick….. Can … [Read more...]

Start Your Promotional Products Business with NO Inventory, NO Overhead, NO Employees

I just had a conversation with a business owner across the parking lot from my office about the success of his business.  His company sells organic fertilizers....all on line.  They do over a million dollars a year. Sounds great doesn't it? He lamented that he has a payroll due for $8,500 every two weeks, and his physical overhead expenses average a bit more than $4,000 per month.  Plus, he maintains approximately $250,000 to $500,000 of inventory at all times. Sounds less than good … [Read more...]

Truth & Transparency

I just embarrased my self last evening  ~  I bought something online.  I believed the hype and the pitch for what I thought would be a good business tool to help me run my business.  And, was only $89.95. But when I made my purchase, to "see the guy on the inside"...the charges began to escalate.  Just another $49 or $99 or $149....  And then on the next page even more.... Then I found out that this company was seriously "offshore".  So offshore that I did not know where in the … [Read more...]

Crappy Into Happy

Another great quote......watching HGTV.... A woman said she knew that the construction design team could turn "crappy into happy".....  A fixer-upper into their dream home! Let's take this quote to your future..... Most people HATE their jobs.  Most people hate the commute.  Most people hate the low wages.  Most people hate being "less than" their employers..... Most people are living "crappy"....and yet, desire "happy".... So, what are you going to do different that takes you from sad … [Read more...]

Another Great Quote: Dignity

I just finished watching David Feherty's interview of Padraig Harrington on his show on Golf Channel.... He said.... "Live every day with dignity!"  [Something he attributed to Padraig Harrington....] Wow! I hope you are, whether you choose to start your promotional products business, selling promotional products,  with Distributors First's assistance or not. Please live your life with dignity!  It is a life well-lived! That will make me happy! Vince … [Read more...]

Doubt Your Fears Instead of Your Dreams

I came across a very powerful quote this morning that I thought I would share... “If you doubted your fears instead of doubting your dreams, imagine how much in life you’d accomplish.” – Joel Brown Why would you give power to your fears when fear is the enemy of accomplishment?  Fear is what holds us back.  Fear is what we are limited by.  Fear isn't even real!  "F.E.A.R." ~ False evidence appearing real.  That's the definition. The power of our dreams has the ability to set us … [Read more...]


I recently had a conversation with a very successful business owner friend and we were discussing entrepreneurship.  By definition I would say this gentleman was a serious entrepreneur.  He struck out on his own, knowing that he could better control his destiny and future than by remaining employed.  Though he liked his job, he was haunted by the limitations it placed on him. Like many of you considering the possibilties of starting your own business, he started his part-time and worked … [Read more...]

Selling Promotional Products for a Living

Just a quick thought about selling promotional products... In the 18+ years that I have been helping folks establish their own promotional products distributorships; those who have excelled have learned well that they are not “selling stuff”….  Anyone can peddle ad specialties and promotional products.  And those that peddle usually drop their prices to close the sale. Here’s the real truth about peddlers in our business:  Peddlers usually have a very short life expectancy in this … [Read more...]