Meet The Team

VINCE WHALEYstaff_vince
President/CEO, Marketing & Prospecting Coach

Equally passionate about golf (and his wife, Leslie) and the ad specialty industry, Vince is one of the leading coaches, educators and trainers in the promotional products industry … especially for brand new start-up distributors.

A sales and marketing expert – spanning over 40 years of sales experience, Vince has served as PPAI’s* New & Novice Distributor Trainer since 2005 at their showcase convention held every January in Las Vegas, NV.  Since 1996, he has built an outstanding reputation for his ability to successful introduce new distributors to this world.

*Promotional Products Association International, the industry’s “not-for-profit” trade association.

GAIL WINGERDstaff_gail
Personal Business & Operational Coach 

Gail Wingerd’s passions include volunteering in her community of Woodland Park, CO – working tirelessly for Habit for Humanity, Teller County Business Builders, and other community service organizations.

She is equally tireless in her dedication to her own promotional products business, Creative Concepts of America…and to our DFI clients!

She has been self-employed for over 18 years as a successful, independent,  promotional products distributor.  If anyone knows the in’s and out’s of this industry better, we have not met them.  Gail knows how to build a successful distributorship and her expertise is always just a phone call away.

As your primary business coach, and with her personal “one-on-one” coaching sessions, you are sure to launch a very successful business…and along the way, you might also learn to experience the joy of giving back to your community’s worthy charities and non-profits.  Besides helping them, it’s a great way to build your reputation as a compassionate business owner and business leader.

BRYAN KOCHIS staff_bryan
Director of I.T. Services, Program Coordinator & Web Guru  

Don’t let the sunglasses scare you…Bryan’s passions are for the great outdoors and photography (that’s why he lives in Colorado).  He is the most comfortable back-packing the wilderness and prefers the rare atmosphere above 12,000 feet.  All Bryan needs to be happy are high mountain lakes and meadows and his camera gear.  As talented as he is as a photographer, Bryan brings his technical expertise to the fore as it relates to your business.

He has worked as a computer consultant for 17+ years, and 12 years with Distributors First.  He is your web designer, hardware, software & social media consultant…and Internet Technologies & Industry Software Tools Guru, too  He will work with you to set up your program, your technology tools and develop your company website.

Believe me when I tell you, you are absolutely going to love having Bryan on your support team!

From hardware & software recommendation, to industry software support, from merchant accounts & phone systems, to learning how to efficiently leverage technology in your business, he is here to consult and support.  And don’t be suprised to learn when you are chatting with him on the phone…he might just be taking pictures on a high mountain somewhere in Colorado!