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Here is what is true with Distributors First: Our client references are REAL people…who have had a real experience, both with the industry and with Distributors First. These are people…just like you. At one time, they were on the outside looking in. Wondering what to believe. Wondering who to trust. They did their research, and went all in (most part-time) and began building their businesses with the coaching and support provided by Distributors First.

Mark Koch Mark_Koch

“I am happy to provide this recommendation for Distributors First because of my experience when I got started. The DFI consultative approach was nothing, if not refreshing. I was looking at several avenues and getting very mixed and confusing advice. I have been in business for myself for many years in a tangent industry, so I knew this would be challenging and rewarding.The kind of advice and help I was looking for is just what Vince and DFI offered.The ‘inside secrets’ have put me miles ahead from the get-go, and was more than I expected. Vince not only gave me real advice, but it was instantly usable and translated into immediate sales. Vince is the ‘real deal’ when it comes to consultants.

When I was deciding to get into this business, Vince so impressed me that I traveled on my own dime to his office in Idaho Falls to see if he was really the guy he claimed to be. We had a very nice dinner and I got to meet his lovely wife, Leslie. After dinner, and my most pressing questions, he proved to be everything I was looking for.

Working with Bryan and Gail also, has been a real pleasure. They really know their stuff, and have been very helpful to me in building my company. The entire DFI staff have really kept me on track and saved me from chasing endless rabbit trails. If you are looking for someone who under-promises and over-delivers, then Vince is the guy, and Distributors First is the company”.

Stuart Young  stuart_young
SAY Marketing & Promotions – Adelanto, CA

“I began working with Distributor First in the spring of 2008. My wife and I took our time exploring our options getting into this industry. Vince was the first person that was willing to share honest and useful information up front. His wisdom and advice have been immeasurable. Gail has shown herself to be a wonderful help and support in setting up our office and learning all of those technical terms in decoration and artwork. She also supplied us with valuable information that allowed us to land a $10,000 account within a few months of getting started. Bryan is the best at technical support. He literally got our website up and running in no time. He also helped us structure our e-mail accounts so that they work for us. Any questions I have had about technical or “virtual” issues, Bryan has had the answers. His wealth of knowledge is amazing.Vince told me in the very beginning that I could do this business and I believed him.

Our sales are growing every day and we have developed a clientele of repeat customers thanks to the coaching and support we have received. If I had to do it all over again I would join Distributor First again in a heart beat.  Thanks, Vince.”

Adam Cromwell shippro-logo
Ship Pro Mail & Copy Center – Idaho Falls, ID

“I have worked with Distributors First for over 8 years and have to say that adding promotional products to my store was one of the most profitable things I’ve ever done for my business. In fact, today I handled a reorder of pens via email…and made over $250 in less than 30 seconds! DFI has always been there to help me with all my questions and need for support. The other thing I want to tell you is that your consulting program helped me nail down the biggest sale I have ever made in my business . A pharmacy in our town placed a $12,000 order for a new store they are opening on the west side. This one order made me over $5,000, and this only took a couple of hours.

From little orders to big orders, DFI has been tops in helping me be successful in the promotional products business. Vince, thanks for 8 great years, and eight more to come! If you ever need a recommendation, you know who to call!”

Craig M. Greulich Craig_Greulich
CG Promotionals – Jasper, IN

Wow, it has almost been a full year since I joined the DFI team. What a year it has been! I was a casualty of the corporate downsizing in the woodworking industry and I remember thinking, now what…? I was surfing the web for job ideas because I wanted to do something on my own that was new and fresh to me.

I had many of my friends tell me, “You need to get into sales”. But what was I going to sell? While doing my civic duty on the local fire department, (10 years) I was in charge of new t-shirts for all the guys. While doing this task, it occurred to me, “Hey, maybe I should look into this type of work”…and so it began.

I found the DFI program on the internet. I wrote down many questions and had many concerns. A few days later I was able to speak to Vince Whaley on the phone. We went over all my questions and concerns. To this day there are two things that really stand out to me from our first conversation that lasted almost an hour and a half. First, he said, “Craig I can help you change your year into a positive one.” (Which he did.)

Second, “This business can be profitable and fun and also give you some freedoms”. It most certainly has. Vince and I spoke three times before I decided this is what I was going to do. I did my research. I read everything he provided and everything I could find, and I can honestly say that everything Vince said was true. His word is good and he did not over promise anything to me.

My business has been growing every month. It is really exciting how we can help other businesses grow by being creative with the artwork and the item they want to sell or give away. The investment has paid off in spades…and I am beginning to live the life I have wanted to live. And the financial rewards will allow me to attend a couple of Pittsburgh Steelers games every year…and then some!

Gwen LewisGwen-Lewis
Thumbs-Up Promotions – Evansville, IN

“After 23 years in Coaching I decided to make a career change. I had always enjoyed the marketing and promotional side of the coaching business and decided that I wanted to own my own promotional products business.

I thought I had a good understanding of the industry … but had no idea how to run a business, and I mean absolutely no IDEA! Where to begin? I started with the Internet, doing some research. Distributor’s First, gave me the most comprehensive overview of what I could expect for today, tomorrow and in the future.

After calling DFI, my phone call was returned immediately (important lesson for the future). Always respond to your customers in a timely fashion … LESSON 1!

I was greeted by Vince Whaley, owner of DFI. We must have spoken for at least an hour on several occasions in a 7 day period. I needed help to realize my dreams … and they had all of the answers. I needed to start from scratch, and they held my hand every step of the way (whenever I needed them). The good folks at DFI and their program vendors helped me with logo design, website design, email, content, website functionality, how to research, who to research … and it goes on and on. Vince Whaley, Bryan Kochis and Gail Wingerd have always been there for me whenever I needed them. They’ll be there for you, too!

So, here I am 15 months later … reporting back from Thumbs Up Promotions! Sales have been great, but meeting a ton of new people and businesses has been even better! My average sales are like most people in the business (250-500 qty. per order). However, I have a few big clients who order (3,000-5,000 quantity per order). My biggest order so far was over $15,000! The secret that I have learned, as does anyone in sales is turning customers in to clients. How do you do that? By listening to them … you can’t sell something to someone that they don’t need. They will tell you what they need … sometimes all you have to do is consult and tweak. Others know exactly what they want … so don’t try to talk them out of it, just give them great customer service.

I took one thing with me that I used to preach while I was coaching. The Golden Rule, “treat others the way you want to be treated”. If you do just that one thing … I think you will be in business a long time. Using that philosophy I have already converted many 1st time customers into brand loyal “Thumbs Up” clients.

Thank you Vince, Bryan and Gail for giving me the necessary tools to make Thumbs Up Promotions a reality.”

Paul Middlebrookmiddlebrook_media
Middlebrook Media – South Lake Tahoe, CA

“As you know, I launched my new company in April of 2008, so as I am writing this I’m at my first year anniversary with my business. What a great first year it’s been! Thank you Vince for helping me start my company. You have made learning this business very simple, even though there is a lot to learn.

In my first year I achieved a full return of my investment in about 12 weeks and with my profits from Middlebrook Media this year, I was able to expand in my market place by investing in a local radio station that has really helped me grow.

At this stage of my life, the fun factor has really ramped up. I absolutely love the creativity, the energy and the enjoyment that my company brings to my clients and to me. The support provided by Gail and Bryan has been invaluable. They really know their stuff! And it was fun to finally meet you after our several phone conversations when I attended the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas in January. What a grand event and a tremendous motivator the Expo is!

I highly recommend Distributors First to anyone who is serious about getting into the promotional products business. In my research I never found anything even close to what I have experienced with their program. Distributor First provides a simple, uncomplicated and professional approach to the Industry.

I have adopted the motto “I refuse to participate in the recession” because business is good, the money is great. Owners and managers need to connect to their clients and customers – and I get to help them do that in a powerful way.

Vince, I am having as much fun as anything I have ever done in my life. Thank you for all your help and support.”

Thomas Mirshakdynamite_logo
Promotional Dynamite, Boulder City, NV

“I’ve been studying your website all night… Great Work! I watched your presentation and listened to your audio 2X now. Your blogs are great! As you know, the reason people buy [DFI’s program] is because they’re not sure on how to go about starting a business and they want/need support when things and questions comes up. Your program offers all of this. I am very impressed with your company and we have just started!”