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March 5, 2023 at 5:00 AM
3 industries you wouldn't think need promotional products to sell advertising specialties

The world of promotional products is vast. From the types of products used to the industries they’re used in, it’s a diverse industry in and of itself. When you are starting a promotional products business you need great ideas to sell advertising specialties to your clients. Distributors First International always has tips to find new client avenues and new products for your customers. Below we have three industries that you wouldn’t think need promotional products as well as suggestions for products that fit the industry.


Services provided by educational institutions typically speak for themselves. Whether it’s a high school that offers special programs or a university, the name is usually already known by those who are going to be considering attending. Although, promotional products are often used as a tool in recruiting future students. Items like lanyards, memory sticks, and pens are often used across campuses and students will find them useful. This helps prospective students see that the institution has their best interests in mind when it comes to education.

Beyond lanyards and memory sticks, universities can use items like frisbees, wireless phone chargers, and backpacks are excellent items to encourage students during their time in school. Other great items for high schools and colleges to consider are coffee mugs and notepads.

Whether they’re big or small, educational institutions that are willing to put their name on promotional products are not only promoting themselves but their students as well by improving name recognition in the workforce.


Many large construction companies do projects that are large and have major contracts. These companies often have established relationships and don’t require word-of-mouth marketing. However, small, independent contractors get most of their business via word of mouth. Giving small and useful items to former clients is an easy way to refer someone they’ve worked with in the past to another prospective client. Additionally, there are many items that fit the industry perfectly that clients will associate with a construction company like a 7-in-1 tool, flashlight keychain, or a duffle bag.

If you’ve ever been to a construction site, chances are good that there’s some kind of music playing. Contractors can use items like Bluetooth speakers and earbuds to promote brand recognition with an industry-appropriate product.


The best marketing for restaurants typically comes in the form of recommendations from friends and neighbors. Because of this, they’re going to try all they can to keep their name in the mind of those who eat with them. This is where promotional products come in. While most restaurants aren’t going to be giving away their glasses or handing out phone chargers, small items like mints, coasters, or even hand sanitizer bottles can be an effective method to building a relationship of trust with patrons.

If restaurants are looking to use products beyond complimentary mints, reusable carry-out bags and apparel are great items to raise brand awareness. Furthermore, these items are large enough that they can take on a design that’s larger than just the restaurant's logo and include a brand-related alternate design.

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