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Their words. Their experience. Their story. Why they chose Distributors First to help them start their promotional products and advertising specialties businesses.
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  • Jeff L.

    "The Distributors First materials that Vince provided were the most thorough and comprehensive information I had ever found to help me start this business. My confidence and excitement in meeting Distributors First and Vince Whaley convinced me to launch my business...and I've never looked back. "

  • Gwen L.

    "Since the very beginning, Distributors First has always been there. Vince said he was a coach…not a salesman. I’m a coach, and what he said carried a lot of weight for me. I’ve built a great business…I love my career. I love helping my clients. My business has grown every year. It’s given me more freedom than I ever enjoyed as a collegiate coach. "

  • Craig G.

    "I couldn't recommend Vince and and his company, Distributors First more highly. He does what he says he will do. The investment has paid off in spades…and I am living the life I have always wanted to live! And the financial rewards allow me to attend a couple of Pittsburgh Steelers games every year…and then some!"

  • Dennis M.

    "There is also a strong coaching element that Vince provides, that is truly unique for new promotional products distributors. I was taken back by how personal Vince’s advice was, like he really cared about my business. And beyond the initial fee, I have never had to pay another dime for his help or advice. Who does that?"

  • Kelly & Dean G.

    "Vince was willing to answer any question we had. There was not one question we asked about the promotional products world he couldn’t or wouldn’t answer. The several conversations we had with Vince, led us to signing on with Distributors First in January of 2017. January of 2018, our business became my full-time business."

  • Kelly R.

    Joining with Distributors First to start my business was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made... The decision I made back in 2006, to take a chance, to go out on my own, created a far different reality for me and my family than I imagined. It has led to a life I would never have had, if I had simply remained with a company as an employee.

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