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5 Reasons Why Starting a Promotional Products Business is the Right Thing to Do
April 15, 2023 at 4:00 AM
by Vince Whaley
5 Reasons Why Starting a Promotional Products Business is the Right Thing to Do

Let me begin by saying that starting a promotional products business is so right, on so many fronts that it amazes me that so few people are really in this business.

Any one of these five reasons is enough to jump in and start. But our industry stacks up so many positives for this business that you can experience great success in any direction you choose to build your business.

In sales psychology there is a discussion of what are called pain points and gain points. And which one you focus on more determines the end result.

If the “pain” of where you are right now is so intolerable that owning your own business is the solution, then you will stop at nothing to make the necessary changes in your life to begin experiencing the success you desire.

If the “pain” however, immobilizes you and the desire for gain is insufficient to motivate you…you will stay where you are…and nothing “successful” will happen.

So, let’s examine the 5 reasons for starting a promotional products business…

  1. Your business does not have the typical overhead expenses like most businesses. No office rent. No inventory expense. No employees. You can build a very professional business from the convenience of your home. Without overhead expenses you are profitable from day one! Starting this business is the right thing to do.
  2. Selling promotional products allows you the opportunity to work with and connect to your business community. Building lifetime relationships with your customers is a great by-product of this business. Networking, joining community organizations, helping charities all are meaningful business practices that produce great rewards. Selling promotional products? It’s the right thing to do.
  3. Call your own shots! You are the boss! You can work when you want. You can vacation when you want. No one tells you when to be there and when you can go home. You have the FREEDOM to live your life according to your own designs. It’s called independence…and independence is the right thing to choose.
  4. You can build a significant 2nd income. Even in your part-time hours. You also have the opportunity for your 2nd income to outpace your primary income. When that occurs, your choice for the future becomes that much greater. Your business will grow year to year with order after re-order from your clients and customers. Your 2nd income will lead to what we call your “freedom income.” And freedom income is the right thing to have.
  5. Who wouldn’t want a business that could secure their retirement? A business that could help pay for their children’s higher education? A promotional products business has the real potential of becoming a legacy business for your family. How incredible would that be?

I’ve been in the business world for decades, and by observation I’ve not seen many businesses that fire on all the cylinders like the promotional products world. This is a great place to build a future. It’s been said that the journey of a thousand mile begins with the very first (next) step.

So…what’s your next step?

Pick up the phone and give me a call. Let’s discuss your questions. Let’s talk about how to overcome the pain of where you are to experience the gain you desire. This next step is the right step to take.