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Gwen L.

After 23 years in Coaching, I decided to make a career change. It was time to retire from one thing and begin a new thing! And that thing was looking into the world of promotional products.

I had always enjoyed the marketing and promotional side of the coaching business and decided that this was my new career direction.

What I discovered was that the industry was much bigger than I realized. With a great deal of online research and talking with many of the promotional products people who helped in my coaching world, I discovered Distributors First. In my first conversation with Vince Whaley, I got the most comprehensive overview of what the industry was and how it worked and what I might expect.

Vince and I had several conversations in my process over a 7-day period of time. He never seemed impatient and he never pressured me. What he did was answer all my questions.

Since the very beginning, Distributors First has always been there. He said he was a coach…not a salesman. I’m a coach, and what he said carried a lot of weight for me.

I’ve built a great business…I love my career. I love helping my clients. My business has grown every year. It’s given me more freedom than I ever enjoyed as a collegiate coach.

I have small clients and big clients, and they all add up. My biggest order to date was over $15,000.00!

If I had to do it over again, I would make the same move!

Starting a home-based promotional products business.