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Jeff L.

I researched getting into the promotional products business for over 18 months, having talked with just about every person and every program I could find to help me get established. When I finally found Vince Whaley and Distributors First, I was frustrated and nearly at the end of my rope.

The Distributors First materials that DFI provided were the most thorough and comprehensive information I had ever found to help me start this business. What amazed me the most was that the DFI program did not require any on-going fees or payments for their help. Vince literally spent hours with me answering my questions and explaining the DFI program, never once pressuring me to buy. In fact, he never asked me to buy. And any time I call, he always asks, "How can I help?" But never sends me a bill!

My confidence and excitement in meeting Distributors First and Vince Whaley convinced me to launch my business...and I've never looked back. You don't often meet someone who really does what he promises to do...and more.

Starting a home-based promotional products business.