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Kelly & Dean G.

It’s been an amazing run so far. Almost on a whim and a prayer, we started our business with a credit card.

After 20+ years in the commercial vehicle sales & tractor trailer space, it was time for me to make a BIG change. 2017 – 2018 was that time.

My husband began doing the legwork for finding the best way for us to jump into the promotional products business. With 20+ years of existing customers, I knew that this was where I wanted to go.

Sometimes when you know…you just know. That’s what it was like when we met Vince Whaley and Distributors First. It only took a few minutes of talking with Vince to know we had found the right person and the right company.

Vince was willing to answer any question we had. There was not one question we asked about the promotional products world he couldn’t or wouldn’t answer. The several conversations we had with Vince, led us to signing on with Distributors First in January of 2017. January of 2018, our business became my full-time business.

To say that our business is good is actually an understatement. It’s grown even bigger than I imagined it would. Vince said that we would find our future in this industry, and he was right.

He also said that this industry is nothing but customer service at every level. Refreshingly, that is very true. We have never felt at any time during our start-up or beyond as we have been growing our company where we couldn’t pick up the phone and call Vince. He is that available to us! That’s refreshing, too!

If I had to do this over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. I cannot recommend highly enough the importance of working with Distributors First and Vince Whaley for the wealth of and depth of the knowledge there about this industry.

If you are considering this as a business, I think you have found the door, just like we did.

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