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January 15, 2023 at 5:00 AM
by Vince Whaley
Unsplash Power

One of DFI’s newest clients in Canada, [Tim F.] in his first month of business just sent me an email, and I wanted to share this exerpt with you.  Tim has not even fully finished his start-up phase…

Hey Vince…..

I thought our biggest concern was going to be getting clients, but we haven’t even learned any of [DFI’s] ABC’s of Prospecting and we already have a whole bunch of orders on the go (some from referrals and some just talking to people in passing).

The leads & clients just keep coming and we haven’t even started advertising and really letting it be known what we do!

Having lots of fun!


So I ask…. Could it really be this easy to be successful in the promotional products business?  Actually, yes.

It doesn’t have to be difficult or hard.  It takes excitement, enthusiasm, a willingness to tell your story…and a desire to help your clients brand themselves better.

Distributors First is here to help you do all these things…to help you build a successful promotional products business.  The investment is small and the rewards could be huge.  Give yourself permission to move forward with Distributors First.  We want to be your support team!