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December 15, 2022 at 5:00 AM
by Vince Whaley
Working from home with a toddler

You have probably heard the acronym for “fear” ~ False Evidence Appearing Real. This one mistaken concern about fear keeps more people in mediocrity than any other factor.

I find this very odd

So many contact me with BIG plans for launching a promotional products business, with the expectations of making good money. So many want to believe the glass is half-full, yet when push comes to shove, the fear of losing their investment stops them in their tracks

Do you think that the person about to invest $2.2 million dollars in a McDonalds franchise has that same fear? Not hardly. I will give you that that kind of investor is probably much different than most. One does not invest $2.2 million dollars if they don’t have pockets that deep.

Yet, for less than $10 grand,,,less than a clunker used car, we are delivering our entire program of connection, education, training and support – what we call “CETS” which helps you establish your very own independent promotional products business.

The McDonalds franchise owner can expect to make the average of $150,000 per year from their investment while committing financial resources in the millions of dollars. You can expect to make the same kind of money as a $2.2 million dollar franchise owner…for the price of a used car. Over time, many distributors do.

But what about you as a “part-time” promotional products distributor?

It is not uncommon for even the part-timers to earn profits in the $25,000+ range from their efforts in their first year. Can you make more? Of course you can. Will you make less? That’s possible too. Your income grows. And your income compounds…your customers this year will be your re-ordering customers next year, while you are adding new customers each year.

We make no income claims. Yet, you can’t even consider the possibility of starting this business if you have so little belief in your own ability to be successful. If you are really a “glass is half-empty” sort of person…save yourself the trouble…this business is not for you.

Our job at Distributors First is to give you permission to succeed. In the real world, the investment is minimal, yet the return could be life altering for you and your family. It’s now perspective. Is the glass half-full or half-empty?

Are their unknowns? Yes. But the sources of the unknowns are not in the industry itself. The unknowns are completely on the side of the ledger of the distributor.

Will you learn the ropes of this new venture? Will you apply your talents to developing your business skills? Will you overcome the fear and concerns you have about selling promotional products? Will you devote even the minimal time necessary to build a successful business?

For the one who understands the acronym of fear, and who has the courage to change their business life…the glass is half-full.

Please argue for your possibilities, not your limitations. Your ultimate success depends on your ability to believe in yourself and the reasons you wanted to have your own business in the first place.

We believe in your abilities and we are committed to help you be successful. Distributors First wants to become a part of your future success.