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Stuart Y.

I began working with Distributor First in the spring of 2008. My wife and I took our time exploring our options for getting into this industry. Vince was the first person that was willing to share honest and useful information upfront. He never pressured us to buy. His wisdom and advice have been immeasurable over the years. Gail has shown herself to be a wonderful help and support in setting up our office and learning all of those technical terms in decoration and artwork. Her knowledge of the supplier side of the industry is amazing. I don’t think I have ever asked her a question that she didn’t have a great answer for. Early on, she supplied us with super valuable information that allowed us to land a $10,000 account within a few months of our getting started. That was really helpful. The technical, “I.T.” support provided by the SAGE team has been nothing short of spectacular. Our website and research platform has allowed us to build a very professional and successful business. Year to year our sales have been growing. We have developed a clientele of repeat customers. I remember Vince saying to me back then that his biggest job was giving his clients permission to succeed. He certainly did that for us.

If I had it to do all over again, I would join Distributors First again in a heartbeat! Thanks, Vince. Thank you, Distributors First.

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