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December 22, 2022 at 5:00 AM
by Vince Whaley
Businessman working and writing notes in office

I just embarrased my self last evening ~ I bought something online. I believed the hype and the pitch for what I thought would be a good business tool to help me run my business. And, hey…it was only $89.95.

But when I made my purchase, to “see the guy on the inside”…the charges began to escalate. Just another $49 or $99 or $149…. And then on the next page even more….

Then I found out that this company was seriously “offshore”. So offshore that I did not know where in the world this country was!

This ultimately forced me to cancel the order…my card had already been hit by them…and this morning I cancelled my card, readying myself for the ordeal of a fraud complaint and a possible return of my money.

Why do I mention this? Because DFI is NOT offshore. We deliver what we promise. In fact, we under-promise and over-deliver. And given that you are investigating the possibilities of starting a promotional products business, I wanted you to really know this.

We are transparent ~ and we tell the truth about how this industry really works. Something I wish my competitors did, though I understand why they do not….

You might not be right for this business. If I know that you will know that too. And I am not just a salesman for DFI seeking a closed deal and a commission at your expense. I own the company. And more than anything…I want you happy about this pursuit and happy with Distributors First. This only comes from being told the truth, the whole truth…and nothing but the truth. If this business endeavor is not right for you…I don’t want your money! Period.

We do not buy tomorrow’s problems for the sake of today’s money. If you want to be treated honestly and fairly through the whole process and desire truth and transparency….then Distributors First is YOUR kind of company.

When your research is done…I won’t even ask you to buy our program. You will have to “want” to do this….and you will have to ask me, “What’s the next step?”

How’s that for transparency?