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Why are Promotional Products More in Demand Than Ever Before?
June 22, 2023 at 11:00 PM
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Promotional product distributors are in a business environment that continues to get more favorable. An IBISWorld report suggests an increase of 4.8% in industry revenue by year-end, contributing to total market size reaching $15.6 billion in the U.S.

Distributors First International helps new distributors, many just like you, with connection, education, training, and support. From that vantage point, we also see how the scope of opportunity in this industry continues to increase. And we’ll be exploring that further in this post.

So here’s why promotional products are in such high demand today. And why that makes this an ideal time to enter the industry with your own low-startup-cost, no-overhead, and low-time-to-profit business.

Promotional products work for businesses

As with anything that achieves and maintains high levels of demand, promotional products provide consistent value to businesses.

Promo Marketing Magazine’s State of the Industry report contains a survey of 274 promotional products companies. Seventy-two percent saw a rise in special product sales, emphasizing the upward trend.

Consumers are less hostile to promotional products than they are to other forms of marketing. And, today, businesses can integrate their promo products into their multichannel marketing with USPS Informed Visibility Mail Tracking.

Customers appreciate promotional products

A study by the Advertising Specialty Institute found that the average household in the U.S. owns 30 promotional products. A pen that costs $1 provides a cost per impression (or CPI) of less than one tenth of a cent.

While customers show an appreciation for promotional products, campaigns are only profitable with skilled and strategic selling. Our services at Distributors First are geared at equipping business owners with the skills they need for effective selling that generates healthy returns.

New distributors can start with little capital and vast access to support

With an industry that continues to grow with the support of both businesses and consumers, new entrepreneurs can now enter the field and find more opportunities to tap and less risk.

As more independent distributors are becoming aware of the industry’s growing opportunities and establishing businesses, they’re also stimulating demand. But the scale of the industry means that supply still trails demand by a widening gap. And that means new distributors can easily find clients.

Especially today, easy access to these three factors facilitates their success:


Independent distributors are likelier to succeed with the support and insight of industry veterans. That’s a major reason why Distributors First International has gained a reputation as a “gateway” company for building new distributors within our industry.

Our team has been supporting new distributors since 2002.

Business support

One of the most appealing aspects of this opportunity is that newcomers are at no structural disadvantage. The DFI program equips independent distributors with the same tools that established, million-dollar businesses in the industry use.

Ease of starting and reaching profitability

Another reason why promotional products businesses are growing more popular is that, with the right training, they’re quick and simple to start. And, since owners can run the businesses entirely from home, many now use them as a path to financial freedom. That’s mainly because of two reasons:

  • Startup costs are less than $10,000
  • Having no inventory, employees, or overhead results in low time-to-profit and high margins

Enter the thriving promotional products industry and build a business that gives you financial freedom

Distributors First can help you with the coaching and mentoring you need to start a profitable advertising specialties business. We share our 45 years of diverse marketing experience with you. And we equip your business with the tools million-dollar companies use in this billion-dollar industry.

Call us today at 888-540-5402 to talk about how we can help you run a profitable promotional products business from home. Or just leave us a message on our contact form and we’ll reach out shortly.