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November 20, 2022 at 5:00 AM
by Vince Whaley
Working from Home

Make the move to start your own home-based business. It could be the smartest thing you have ever done for yourself…and for your future!

What prompts this post is a phrase I heard recently that makes so much sense to me.

“Profit Over Wages”

When you work for someone else, that someone else determines what you are worth…and they pay your wages accordingly. Believe me, what your wage is does not relate to the profits you make for your company so they can pay you the lesser portion.

Instead, make profits! Like your employers do! Only when you work for yourself can you determine your worth. Only when you work for yourself can you automatically give yourself a “raise”…

There is no economic security when you work for other people. Economic security only comes from working for yourself.

Distributors First has an easy and inexpensive solution for helping you transition to home-based business ownership – part time or full time. Start your Promotional Products Distributorship today! The profits are high, the work is fun, and what you do today will add to what you are earning tomorrow.

Check us out…and give me a call. You can have a 2nd income business in just a few weeks. Then you can begin charting a new financial future for yourself and family.

The promotional products industry is very vibrant…and you should be a part of it.

Wages VS. Profits?

Choose Profits.

Distributors First will help you every step of the way. Call me (Vince Whaley) at 888-540-5402 x 701. Let’s talk.